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Some times very technical papers are published that would be very good for me to read. Papers that on title don't look very sexy (to me). On the details of psedogenization, for example, whereby a functional gene becomes unexpressed, meaning it does not produce a protein anymore. Who knows if I will get around to it.

But then there are papers like this one, which I will get around to read: Environmental change exposes beneficial epistatic interactions in a catalytic RNA. That should be a good read about the impact of dynamic fitness landscapes (when fitness is not a static function of genotype or phenotype, but changes as the environment changes.

  • Genomic consequences of multiple speciation processes in a stick insect 
  • The Nearly Neutral and Selection Theories of Molecular Evolution Under the Fisher Geometrical Framework: Substitution Rate, Population Size, and Complexity 
  • Estimating the Strength of Selective Sweeps from Deep Population Diversity Data Biology of the sauropod dinosaurs: the evolution of gigantism 
  • The role of gene flow asymmetry along an environmental gradient in constraining local adaptation and range expansion 
  • Inhibition of SRGAP2 Function by Its Human-Specific Paralogs Induces Neoteny during Spine Maturation 
  • Specific inactivation of two immunomodulatory SIGLEC genes during human evolution 
  • Cast adrift on an island: introduced populations experience an altered balance between selection and drift 
  • Environmental change exposes beneficial epistatic interactions in a catalytic RNA 
  • Trophic specialization influences the rate of environmental niche evolution in damselfishes (Pomacentridae)

Oh, and no new creationist science paper published since last week.

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