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Kreativ Blogger {award}

I've been chosen for the Kreativ Blogger award chain letter*. I'll play along.

Rules: link to the blog who nominated you, say seven things about yourself that readers may not know, list seven other blogs that you feel deserve the award chain letter and let them know, and include the Kreativ Blogger logo. Here goes:

Dear friends, I wish to send my heartfelt thanks to my (new) dearest friend, Gunnar De Winter of The Beast, the Bard and the Bot for thinking of Pleiotropy (it is an important concept in genetics). I would not be here without him.

And friends, you probably didn't know about me that I
  1. don't believe in free will, 
  2. am an optimist-pessimist-optimist, 
  3. want to try to be homeless, 
  4. want to try to be pregnant, 
  5. have eaten cod uterus, 
  6. taught myself to play guitar and piano,
  7. currently have a Klout score of 44
Lastly, here are six blogs that warms my heart:

* Today, about 870,000 results Googling "Kreativ Blogger award", and about 324,000 results in Google images.

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