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New word: Faitheist

Jerry Coyne has found a winner in his contest to come up with a new word for those atheists who think we should all make out with the theists.
Provide a snappy, one-word name for those atheists who are nonetheless soft on faith (i.e., atheist accommodationists). You know them — the kind of people, like Michael Ruse, who say, “I am an atheist, but . . .”. In other words, the folks who, says Daniel Dennett, have “belief in belief.” That’s a snappy phrase, but it ain’t one word.
And the new word, soon to make an appearance in Webster's and the OED, is


Unbelievably, on Coyne's blog there is a discussion about how it should be pronounced. It's from 'faith' and 'theist,' and people are discussion whether the first t should be pronounced!?

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