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Carnival of Evolution in the road

A sample of posts from the Carnival of Evolution #13:
  • genetic drift in Andean contemporary and prehistoric populations
  • video of a bird dancing
  • FOXP2 and how it relates to human linguistic abilities
  • thermodynamics and brain evolution
  • climate change and African grain crops
  • giggling chimps
  • evolution of central nervous systems
  • "Why You Don’t Want To Do It With A Duck"
The last title is meant to be sung to the tune of McCartney's Why don't we do it in the road.

Playboy: "Why Don't We Do It In The Road?"
Lennon: That's Paul. He even recorded it by himself in another room. That's how it was getting in those days. We came in and he'd made the whole record. Him drumming. Him playing the piano. Him singing. But he couldn't—he couldn't—maybe he couldn't make the break from the Beatles. I don't know what it was, you know. I enjoyed the track. Still, I can't speak for George, but I was always hurt when Paul would knock something off without involving us. But that's just the way it was then.
Playboy: You never just knocked off a track by yourself?
Lennon: No.
Playboy: "Julia"?
Lennon: That was mine.[2]

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