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I am aware that The Wall Street Journal is a conservative leaning newspaper, but golly! this quote from an article today about Obama's speech in Egypt is just a little too blind when it comes to the Bush administration. Under the headline 'Barack Hussein Bush' they write
He also couldn't resist his by now familiar moral self-indulgence by asserting that he has "unequivocally prohibited the use of torture" and ordered Guantanamo closed. Aside from the fact that the U.S. wasn't torturing anyone before Mr. Obama came into office, his Arab hosts can see through his claims.
The U.S. didn't torture anyone during Cheney's Bush's reign? What the hell was Abu Ghraib all about then? I have read that sentence seven times, thinking that I must be misunderstanding it. Please tell me how to fathom what the real meaning is.


  1. Bjorn,

    You ask how to fathom this statement?

    "Fathom" assumes depth and this could be your problem. The phrase is in the "shallow" category and just reflects the congnitive dissonance that seems endemic to both the Republicans and the Religious Right wingnuts (though I will grant it is often difficult to identify any significant differences between these demographics).

    I guess the sane people need to start another category for "torture deniers" (sigh)

  2. This is the first of the torture-deniers that I have seen, then.

    Makes me wonder if, unknowingly, I myself am in some group of deniers. Does anyone talk of atheists as the God-deniers?


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