Field of Science

My collection

I collect these. If you can't figure out what 'these' are, the answers are located to the right of each animal. Two stand out. Which?

Banded mongoose
Snow leopard
White-faced saki
Red fox
Spotted hyena
A cichlid fish
Striped Hyena
True lemming
Western gorilla
American bison
Loggerhead sea turtle
Mediterranean monk seal
Sally Lightfoot crabs
Mungos mungo
Genetta genetta
Uncia uncia
Pithecia pithecia
Vulpes vulpes
Crocuta crocuta
Pundamilia pundamilia
Hyaena hyaena
Lemmus lemmus
Gorilla gorilla
Suricata suricatta
Bison bison
Caretta caretta
Monachus monachus
Gallus gallus
Hydrochoerus hydrochoerus
Grapsus grapsus
Indri indri

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