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Change must come from within

Do watch this video.

"In reality, people are rising up togethe across Iran against the cracdown, in a display unseen since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

"They are calling for a reformation of the country into a truly democratic state.

"This would change the politics of the Middle East completely."
The Iranian people may turn out to be the force that changes Iran, the Middle East, and thus the World.


  1. Optimistic - Israel plays a key part in honoring the Palestine state. And they are none too anxious to do that.

  2. Why are all the protesters holding up signs of their president and make victory poses?
    Not that I don't believe this, but is there some cultural difference in hand signes?


  3. Arend, that's the opposition leader, not Ahmadinejad. Not sure what the V-sign means, though.


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