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Gay Pride sponsors

Pepsico sponsors the LGBT Gay Pride in Phoenix, AZ. If you go to Phoenix Pride, wait for the Flash app to load, click on sponsors, and then choose 'Festival Sponsors', you'll get this page:

Pepsico is near the top right.

The AFA has been ranting incessantly against Pepsico for "not remaining neutral in the culture wars," and while I vehemently disagree with the AFA that that is a problem (I also disagree that homosexuality is a problem, btw), the list of sponsors of Phoenix Pride make me wonder why the AFA rails only against Pepsico. Wells Fargo, Jose Cuervo, Bud Light, Orbitz, Smirnoff, Comfort Inn, and Radisson are some of the more well known sponsors. I simply can't wait for the AFA to ask all of these to remain neutral in the culture war that the AFA is so anxious to stir up.

Texas Freedom Parade, Atlanta Pride, and Cleveland Pride are also sponsored by Pepsico. And by Heineken, American Airlines, Audi, Delta, Whole Foods, Time Warner Cable, Petco, Walgreens, Enterprise rent-a-car, and... (wait for it) Coca-Cola. And that's just to name a few.

But the emails I get from the AFA pits Pepsico as the only sinner. What's up with that?

The AFA email says
PepsiCo refuses to give any money, or to show any compassion, to help its employees who are caught in this destructive and aberrant lifestyle. But they give massive amounts of money to help promote the lifestyle.
Well, that would be because only homophobes think this "lifestyle" is destructive and aberrant (how rude can you get?). Pepsico seems to want to promote tolerance towards this minority which is being treated badly by the majority. If Pepsico employees are gay, then I suppose the AFA would want Pepsico to give money to prayer groups to change their sexual orientation?

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