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Michael Ruse at ESEB 2011

I'm at ESEB 2011 in Tübingen (website, Twitter), and saw Michael Ruse give a talk today titled What, if anything, does a historian and philosopher has to say to real scientists?

At one point he showed these pictures of Fisher, Wright, and Haldane (left to right), and said that out of those there could be no doubt that it was Fisher and Wright who were the heavyweights. One person in the audience made a sound to disagree, which made Ruse look at the clock and say "in 9 minutes you'll get your chance - if you're a graduate student*. With a comment like that I rather suspect you are."

Major laughs.

As for the answer to his query, I rather fear the answer is "no." At least, he didn't explicitly say anything to the contrary.

* At ESEB 2011, graduate students can raise a page in the program with a green hand to indicate they are graduate students, which will give them priority in the discussion.

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