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Evolution meetings in August

Right now the BEACON congress is going on at Michigan State University (Twitter #beacon11). Participants from all five member institutions are here (UT Austin, U Washington, U Idaho, NC A&T, MSU). Program is here (PDF).

While the BEACON congress is a little for the initiated, the European Society for the Evolutionary Biology meeting in Tübingen later this month is not (Twitter #eseb11) . I'm giving a talk there on a paper on epistasis and pleiotropy that I blogged a little about earlier. Anyone else going to Tübingen?

I'll be missing the evolutionary modeling meeting in Groningen just before ESEB, which I'm pretty annoyed about. However, I will go to Denmark after ESEB on vacation, and it just so happens that there is another interesting conference there at that time, so I might drop by there a little: Setting Time Aright*. Gatecrashing is always fun.

* Gotta hate that title.

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