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Carnival of Evolution # 38 on Sandwalk

CoE #38 is now live on Sandwalk, and there's plenty of interesting stuff there. In fact there are so many posts that it would be overwhelming if Larry hadn't categorized the posts:

  • Classification (10 posts)
  • Fossils (3)
  • Evolution in Action (9)
  • Evolution of Behavior/Evolutionary Psychology (12)
  • Evo-Devo (3)
  • Evolutionary Theory (6)
  • Molecular Evolution/Genetics (7)
  • History of Evolutionary Biology (5)
  • Evolution vs Religion (3)
  • Evolutionary Humor (3)

And so, from the winning category, here is Zen Faulkes of NeuroDojo:
We know what Bruce Wayne picked as a “creature of the night”: a bat.

But why are bats so strongly nocturnal? Why don’t we see bats out flying around in the daytime (besides a few out on remote islands)? After all, most people can quickly think of one line of birds that is largely nocturnal.

If a bird had flown through Bruce Wayne’s window, we might have had a very different character in stately Wayne Manor.

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  1. A great carnival this month - we've posted a link to it on Genome Engineering too at


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