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Inside North Korea - true to his behest

Man, I cry for the North Korean people. I look forward to the death of Kim Jong-il, and to the events that will follow (hoping they're not going to be devastating).

Here's a courageously recorded documentary from North Korea by VBS.TV. You should see this fascinating documentary, true to my behest.

(Clip takes you to SnagFilms for the whole video.)

It is chilling to imagine the lives of the people that Shane meets on his secret mission to film inside North Korea. Watching the people in this land of the people, all the time I'm thinking that these aren't even real people, but facades that cover up indoctrinated souls yearning to be free. I imagine a nagging suspicion that they have that the outside world is not that evil, that their lack of food is not necessary (why are the foreigners so well fed?), that laws agains humor are not in their own best interest, etc. etc.

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