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Christopher Maloney doesn't want to be called a quack

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Posted on: December 7, 2010 4:52 PM, by PZ Myers

Some people just don't get it. Christopher Maloney wants to silence a message he doesn't like on the internet by serving a cease & desist order.

The last time I mentioned Maloney was eight months ago, and even then it was to point and laugh at his page throwing crazy paranoid accusations at me. So now, after eight months of neglect, he has decided to stir the pot and remind everyone that Christopher Maloney is a quack and that he keeps on quacking? That makes no sense.

So, once again, the web will start echoing the Christopher Maloney is a quack message.

It must be handy for a quack to marry a lawyer, but I don't think she's giving him good advice in this case. You might as well serve a writ on the tides to stop flowing as ask the internet to erase a piece of its data—your best bet is to allow it to take its course and hope that the wavelet that disturbs you gets lost in the incessant volume.
I'm just quoting, again.


  1. I confess to feeling a bit bad for the guy. The shocking naivety that he thinks he can squelch people talking trash about him on blogs... has he heard of this wonderful new invention called teh internets?

  2. Yes, probably the most effective strategy would be to put up a web site stating how wrong the claim is and how stupid PZ is. I honestly don't think that should be very hard. Not that I think PZ is stupid at all, but to argue so is a different matter.

    The really ridiculous thing here is that, as you mention, PZ hasn't mentioned Maloney in (eight) months).

    I do hope it escalates and goes to court, though. Just for the spectacle.


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