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Ark Park or the P'Ark?

Feast your eyes on this beauty!

Arc Encounter

They are actually going to build the arc. Right next to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, of course.

An office mate of mine wants it to be called the Ark Park. I think The P'Ark is much better. What do you think?

Now point and laugh, and wait for the flood. Except, if they build it, and I hope they won't, they might likely attract lots of people to the P'Ark, and make a ton of money and misinform a bunch of people. Shame.

Also, as PZ points out, I am very upset that they will employ hundreds of people to build it, while for "the real" arc, only eight people were involved. If NOah had divine help, why can't Ken Ham?


  1. Europeans see this stuff and scratch their heads thinking 'WTF is the matter with these people?'.

  2. Oh, you'll get yours soon enough, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys(*). I believe there's already a small scale Creation museum in the UK, and if current trends continue, you'll hark your own Ark Park soon enough.

    (*) To be clear, I say that as a term of endearment. I am quite envious of you guys over there, not having to deal with Teabaggers and their ilk. I mean, people here are angry that they might get health care. It's hard to take.

  3. So *this* is the reason the Governor of Kentucky was standing with Ken Ham about "jobs creation". It's like urban sprawl, only much, much worse...

    Mr Badger--it's not only Europeans who scratch their heads thinking "WTF is the matter with these people?.
    This is *exactly* why I'm glad I live in Japan...

    (BTW--My vote is for P'ark! Brilliant:-))

  4. Yesh, so that's one vote for Ark Park, and one for my P'ark. Badger?


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