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Ignoring you

This blog post is for all those things going on in the blogosphere and affiliated* that I am ignoring. There is lots of crazy stuff out there that are both inane and annoying that they are best ignored out of existence. Things not like that are those inane and amusing, like Babu Ranganathan, or those stupid and evil, like the Koch brothers, or the dogmatic and oblivious, like those who think no evidence ever has anything to say about gods. This post is not about them, but about those things that I will not mention:




These people are both stupid and annoying, and they don't need to be taken seriously anymore, and they are also not funny, but just tedious and puerile. I suppose if you sent me a personal email, I could tell you who we are ignoring. But be forewarned that you will probably regret it.

*Online newspapers and journals, for the most part (for as long as they exist).

Pronounced 'coke', don't you know?

1 comment:

  1. okay,

    I will ignore them too.
    But I miss being amused,

    cheers Arend


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