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Do atheists not have any songs?

Well, here's one on the topic.

But I object. There are many songs that do not have any affiliation with anything religious, but they are perhaps better designated agnostic songs? Then, there are also many songs written by atheists, but that doesn't make them especially atheist songs, I suppose. As when a religious person writes a song nothing to do with religion (does that happen?). But then, songs about non-belief? How about John Lennon?

Update 11/10: Via the comments, more atheist songs:


  1. Vein of Stars
    by The Flaming Lips

  2. hey bjorn
    how about this?

    best wishes
    Adam (Alife 12)

  3. My wife interprets The Shins' "The Young Pilgrims" as being an endorsement of/coming to terms with atheism.

    I definitely see where she's coming from. e.g.:

    Of course I was raised to gather courage from those
    Lofty tales so tried and true and
    If you're able I'd suggest it 'cause this
    Modern thought can get the best of you.

    This rather simple epitaph can save your hide your falling mind
    Fate isn't what we're up against there's no design no flaws to find
    There's no design no flaws to find.

  4. And no surprise here, I wrote a song for my band that is about the Gnu-ness :) I'd post a recording of it, but ah, I can't really sing very well, and I really struggle with the chorus of this song for some reason, so it's a little embarrassing...

    Loving father
    He tried to take a knife to his son
    Because he heard a voice in his head
    Violent and blind
    How can you make a virtue out of that?
    "Just shut up and do as your told"

    No more
    We will suffer no longer
    Under the thumb
    Of your prophets and priests

    This, this is our message
    Now, now is the time
    We, we will not obey
    Here we make our stand

    We're the lucky ones
    A billion trillion lives never lived
    It's you and I that are here
    Our time may be short
    Between two eternities of darkness
    But for now, we have a light

    Our light
    Is science and reason
    And you
    You will not put it out

    This, this is our message
    Now, now is the time
    We, we will not obey
    Here we make our stand
    Faith, faith is not the answer
    We live, we live to ask why
    No, we bow to no gods, no kings, no lies
    Enough of your lies
    The world's had enough of your lies

    Here we make our stand

  5. There are a lot of awesome atheist bands out there. Bad Religion and the Vandals are especially great.

  6. Just found this post via Google's blogsearch. Coincidentally, I have an entire blog dedicated to songs with atheist themes/messages:

    If you check it out, hopefully you will find something that you like and didn't necessarily know before.


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