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The carnival carnival

New editions of various science blog carnivals have been posted recently:

Scientia Pro Publica is now at edition #44. It runs weekly now, so should reach #52 by the end of the year. Posts on all things science.

Carnival of the Blue about all things oceany. Click through to the 42nd edition.

The MolBio Carnival is for lovers of molecular and cellular biology. It's a new carnival and is just up to its fourth edition.

Carnival of Evolution of course runs every month, and is up to edition #29.

Carnival of the Vanities is the original blog carnival, and is still going strong. At least if by that you mean just pasting all submissions from Blog Carnival uncritically. I have one in there in the god only knows which edition that is.

Another great carnival, Carnival of the Godless, now seems to be defunct. Shame.

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