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Religion and homosexuality in Denmark

A Danish journalist asks three Danish believers if it's possible to be a religious homosexual. A Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew.

Both the Christian and the Muslim answer that their god made them homosexual - this is, they didn't make any choice themselves - and therefore it cannot be wrong in the eyes of their god. The Jew finds that his sexuality is in the way of his religion. Because homosexuality offends other Jews, he cannot go to the synagogue and participate in other religious events. Neither of the three find that there is a problem with their personal god.

On top of that, the image that follows the article is somewhat racy:

Text: "Did you two call a mini-trans?" (that a word-play on a Danish transport service and a transvestite). The text on the right says "sex-bomb".

This cartoon is extra interesting because the paper is Politiken, the Danish newspaper that recently apologized this February for reprinting the Danish cartoons.

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