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Titles in evolutionary biology

These are the new papers for the last couple of weeks that I would like to read but will probably never get to. Gone are the days of the polymaths already, and now this!

  • Systematic underestimation of the age of selected alleles
  • Predatory Fish Select for Coordinated Collective Motion in Virtual Prey
  • Rapid evolution of Wolbachia incompatibility types
  • Avoidance of roads and selection for recent cutovers by threatened caribou: fitness-rewarding or maladaptive behaviour?
  • Weak Selection and Protein Evolution
  • Patterns of Neutral Diversity Under General Models of Selective Sweeps
  • Selective Sweeps in Multilocus Models of Quantitative Traits
  • Distinct evolutionary patterns of morphometric sperm traits in passerine birds
  • A selective force favoring increased G+C content in bacterial genes
  • Evolutionary Dynamics of Strategic Behavior in a Collective-Risk Dilemma
  • Evolution of Stress Response in the Face of Unreliable Environmental Signals
  • Network Context and Selection in the Evolution to Enzyme Specificity
  • Clade Age and Species Richness Are Decoupled Across the Eukaryotic Tree of Life
  • Evolutionary medicine: its scope, interest and potential*
  • The role of ‘soaking’ in spiteful toxin production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • On the evolutionary origins of the egalitarian syndrome
  • Clade Age and Species Richness Are Decoupled Across the Eukaryotic Tree of Life

* Because I am meeting with Stephen Stearns when he visits MSU this Thursday, I will take an actual look at this review article. Paul Ewald was here last week, and we had a good talk about selection in pathogens and human disease. I also met with Randolph Nesse last semester, so evolutionary medicine has been in focus a lot lately.

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