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North Korea's coach will do hard labor

The coach of the North Korean team who lost three out of three in the world cup has been sentenced to hard labor (and expelled from the party).
Following the event, the team's coach Kim Jung Hun has been sentenced to hard labor following a speedy trial. "He will carry loads on a building site for fourteen hours a day," reports Le Figaro. He was found guilty of "betrayal of trust of Kim Jong-un", the son and heir of country leader Kim Jong-Il who determined the final team roster, and allegedly expelled from the Worker's Party.
It doesn't say for how long. I wonder if sentences in that country are ever for a period of time, but rather just for as long as the regime is still in power. I think they should praise the man for leading his team to a 2-1 victory-loss to Brazil. Most nations would have been proud of that.

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