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New Jersey keeps Adolf Hitler in custody

In February 2009, I wrote about the authorities in New Jersey taking away Adolf HItler and his two sisters from their parents. The word in the news was that it was because the children were named after nazis.
I feel really awful that the three children taken by the State of New Jersey on January 9 are still kept away from their parents, who have only been allowed to see them once. The state better have damn good reasons for their actions.
Now I finally see that the state indeed did have good reasons for their actions, and continues to keep the children in custody because of child abuse:
The children were taken into care shortly afterwards although at the time local authorities insisted that the move was nothing to do with their controversial names.

The court papers seem to support that assertion. According to those documents Adolf has serious behavioral problems that include frequently threatening to kill people and that his parents, who are both on disability and do not work were both apparently victims of childhood abuse themselves. In making their ruling the three-judge panel of the Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division sympathized with that fact, but stated that “neither has received adequate treatment for their serious psychological conditions.”

The 49 page ruling made for pretty grim reading as it detailed some rather nasty conditions that existed in the family home where the windows were nailed shut and the house filled with what was described as “unusual decorative features” including skulls and knives.

A neighbor of the Campbell’s had also given a note she received from Deborah Campbell herself that stated that her husband was trying to kill her and also teaching her son “how to kill someone at the age of 3.” When asked about the note in court Mrs. Campbell admitted she wrote it but that it had been a lie and Heath was “the perfect guy”. However, her protestations aside all three children will be remaining in the custody of the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services.
I'm not happy that the children were abused, or that they now have psychological problems, or that their parents were abused as children, or anything much related to this horrid affair, except that I am glad New Jersey isn't the police state that I feared last year.

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