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The new edition(s) of the general science blog carnival Scientia Pro Publica is up today,

on Andrew's blog, 360 Degree Skeptic, and
on Andrew's blog, Southern Fried Science.

Like the brilliant PR stunt to change the rules of Scrabble, Grrlscientist has made a deft move to promote SPP: screw up who's hosting, with the result that two Andrews both host, and everyone laughing at the mistake. And Grrlscientist having the last laugh. Brilliant!
Scrabble gurus are divided over a decision by Mattel to revamp the rule book and allow proper nouns to be used in the game.

A new version of the game, called Scrabble Trickster and due to be released in the UK, will see rule changes to allow names - words with once-forbidden capital letters - to invade the board.

Some Scrabble enthusiasts say the move will be detrimental to young players, while others are not fussed, saying it is just a marketing ploy.

Read Grrlscientist's great write-up here.

* Get a life.

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