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Erasmus Mundus scholarships

Reminder to self that I may want to apply for this scholarship once I am at the postdoctoral level:

Erasmus Mundus scholarships for visiting scientists

Four European universities:

- University of Groningen (Netherlands)
- University of Montpellier II (France)
- Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (Germany)
- Uppsala University (Sweden)

have joined forces to establish an international research oriented MSc programme in Evolutionary Biology (MEME), which is funded by the Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union. In addition to funding for student scholarships, we also have funding for inviting scholars (= visiting scientists) from non-EU/EFTA countries. We are looking for scientists at the post-doctoral level or beyond that are interested in collaborations with colleagues in one or more of our partner institutes. Each scholar is expected to contribute to the MEME program, e.g. by teaching part of a summer school.

At each of the four universities, we can offer several 'scholar scholarships' for a stay between two weeks and three months. The scholarship amounts to 1200 euros per week. More information about the MEME program and the participating institutions can be found on Applications including a CV and a letter of motivation should be sent before 15 May 2010 to the e-mail address below.

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