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There is a website I am ignoring.

Sometimes the best action to take is to ignore. The organization and the man leading it want to influence society in a major way, and I disagree with their agenda. If I were to share with readers who they are, some people would go to their website, and they would get even more attention (and considering the huge amounts of traffic I get, it would be a lot*).

But I wanted to say that on this website they are talking about a certain event that was much covered in the media recently. I vehemently disagree with their views in general, and I think they are misrepresenting the event in question.

Their views are factually wrong, which I know based on a lot of evidence. I'd love to share this publicly, but again, more attention probably benefits said organization, and so I think the best solution is to ignore them.

Hereby ignored.

* Ha!

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