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WTF?! A spam email advertisement for spam! Here's an unsolicited email I've just received offering bulk email solutions. I hope this is a sign that the business is floundering, though I have my doubts.

The Best way of busi​ness promotion : Bul​k Email​
From:Naveen Rajput
Bjørn Østman
Feb 1, 2014, 02:26 PM
Dear Team,

If you want to promote your business by Email Marketing or Bulk Email so Contact us because we have good email list & mail services...
Full Support for Email Database or Targeted Audience Email ID's
Features of Inbox Mail Blaster:
01 - Every Mail Send Unique IP Address
02 - All Mail Delivered with Domain Authentication
03 - Credit will not loss with Bounce Mail (Return Balance on Bounce)
04 - Send 100,000 Mails with Mints
05 - Import email Data From Excel & Notepad Format (.XLSX & .txt)
06 - Remove all invalid Email from your Database
07 - Import Mail from Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn & Twitter
08 - Report : Send Mail, Bounce Mail, Open Mail & Unsubscribe Mail
09 - No Complaints from Server site for Your Business & Domains
10 - Provide Email Database on your Requirement free of Cost
11 - We can send Campaign our end on your behalf.
12 - Get live Reporting from our Web Panel
13 - Provide Lead Manager free of cost
14 - Create Unlimited Users & Make Unlimited Resellers
15 - Panel is totally white Label
16 - Globally Access Panel with your Domain & Static IP’s
17 - Free Online email extractor in Panel
***** Not Approvable System for From ID, Only Create your A/c & Send Mails
***** Contact us 24x7 for any Query by Phone, Mail or Chat
***** 2014 Live Email ID’s Free Support: Total Mails Count - 1400 Million Email ID's

Naveen Rajput

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