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The war on science™

According to Science Left Behind (book review), there's a war on science, and it isn't raged by conservatives alone. Progressives are also ideologues who refuse to listen to the science - it's just other areas that they dislike.

  • Climate change (science: it is happening, and is caused by humans)
  • Evolution (science: it is true)

  • Homeopathy (science: it doesn't work)
  • Vaccines (science: they work and are do not cause autism)
  • GMOs (science: they are not harmful)
  • Organic foods (science: they are not always better)
  • In vitro meat (science: it is fine, and better in so many ways)
  • Biological gender differences (science: there are some)

Anything else?


  1. I guess the difference is that the Progressive people who believe the anti-science items are on the fringe of the Progressive community. The Conservative people who deny evolution and climate change are in the mainstream of conservatives.

  2. Yeah, I think that is my experience also. But I'd sure like to see some numbers on it.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I thought of one more you left out.
      * Stem cell research (science: it's a very promising path to new cures for many diseases)

    2. I'm not sure that they don't believe in stem cell research, but are just against it for religious reasons, no?


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