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Titles in evolution - and in creation?

Here we go again with the new articles on evolution. This is just a very small sample that I chose out of interest from the last couple of weeks - and just from a few journals that I get eToCs sent from. In the meantime there has been nothing in Answers Research Journal, and I don't know where else to check. If you do, please let me know.

  • Variation in personality and fitness in wild female baboons
  • Biodiversity tracks temperature over time
  • Epistasis as the primary factor in molecular evolution
  • Aposematism and the Handicap Principle
  • Turning Back the Clock: Slowing the Pace of Prehistory 
  • Physico-Genetic Determinants in the Evolution of Development 
  • The spatial architecture of protein function and adaptation
  • Complex brain and optic lobes in an early Cambrian arthropod
  • Crossing the threshold: gene flow, dominance and the critical level of standing genetic variation required for adaptation to novel environments
  • Mutational meltdown in selfing Arabidopsis lyrata
  • Aging: An Evolutionarily Derived Condition
  • What could arsenic bacteria teach us about life?
  • Genomic Variation in Natural Populations of Drosophila melanogaster
  • Clonal Interference in the Evolution of Influenza
  • Evolutionary Dynamics on Protein Bi-stability Landscapes can Potentially Resolve Adaptive Conflicts
  • Criticality Is an Emergent Property of Genetic Networks that Exhibit Evolvability


  1. is chock full of legitimate high quality creation science research!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate it.
    I see that the board of directors have PhDs in geology and physics, but none in biology. One MA in biology. Most papers are about other things than biological evolution (and are behind a paywall, unfortunately), but I did find this one that I will peruse later: Some Biological Problems With The Natural Selection Theory


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