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Nothing is unstable

A previous post from almost three years ago keeps getting comments: Another creationist dentist expert on evolution. That's great, even if it is fueled by creationists like anonymous who left this comments a few days ago:
How can an iris, that can't smell or see, evolve to look and smell like a wasp? The skeptics of God remind me of the biblical verse that reads "they worship the created insread of the creator". God also says He has left evidence of Himself through all creation. Just for a time, I challenge you to put down science books, study not read God's word with an open mind and see if you still cannot see God. By the way, where did all the atoms, energy and all the other elements needed for creation come from. You cannot expect a Big Bang to come from nothingness.
If the question was honest, in that the commenter really wanted an explanation for how a plant can mimic a wasp, then that would be intriguing. There are of course explanations, but this creationist of course isn't interested in any of that. The remarkable thing, though, is the notion that the plant needs to be able to see and/or smell the wasp in order to mimic it. What an utterly ignorant understanding of evolutionary theory!

Another anonymous commenter was kind enough to point to this video of Lawrence Krauss explaining how something can come from nothing. Basically, nothing is unstable. That is, "nothing" is unstable. See for yourself:


  1. Utterly ignorant, but yet, so self-assured they have "the answer" that even this great ignorance does not stop them from criticizing what is known.

    1. Assuming you're talking about the creationist? Yes. Ignorance is bliss in the hands of those guided by fear.

  2. Arguing with religious people is like playing chess with a pigeon, you could be the best player in the world but the pigeon will still knock over all the pieces shit on the board and strut around triumphantly.


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