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Program of the Proceedings of the 44th Carnival of Evolution

We are happy to announce the program for the Proceedings of the 44th Carnival of Evolution to be held at The Atavism:

Session 1. Symposium on the evolution of novelty
Session 2. Evolutionary ecology and life history evolution
Session 3. Philosophy and evolution
Session 4a. Experimental Evolution
Session 4b. Timing and tempo of evolution
Session 5. Outreach and anti-creationism

The poster session will start following the last talk, and will be followed by a banquet.

Notable speakers include

Carl Zimmer, The Loom
Eric M. Johnson, The Primate Diaries
Jeremy B. Yoder, Denim & Tweed
John Wilkins, Evolving Thoughts
S. E. Gould, Scientific American
Zen Faulkes, NeuoroDojo

Registration is free, and we hope you can all attend.

Organizing committee:
David Winter, The Atavism
Bjørn Østman, Pleiotropy, Carnival of Evolution

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