Field of Science

Problems with My Citations

Google Scholar Citations is not quite working the way I had expected. Apparently I am the author of a 1935 paper on Field of Science in the journal Women. I wish.

Title: Field of Science
Authors: Bjørn Østman
Publication date: 1935/2
Journal name: Women
Volume: 2009
Pages: 432
Why drug design is like airplane design. And why it isn't. ... Influenza - putting the Trojan into the horse but should you open it? ... When the environment is stable, it's good to be robust against mutations. This is because all mutations in an adapted organism will be deleterious or neutral. ... When the environment changes, being robust against mutations means that it is more difficult to adapt, so being robust is not good. This is because robust organisms have a hard time finding the mutations that lead to phenotypic change.

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