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Carnival slump?

What's up? Seems to me the number of submissions to Carnival of Evolution is not. This summer we had one edition with 60+ submissions, but last month is was down to less than half that. And it looks like tomorrow's November edition will be the same, because right now I see only 27 posts submitted on, and some of those are spam.

Are people just writing less about evolution these days? Or are bloggers feeling that carnivals matter less than they used to think, so they can't bother submitting? Is creationism winning, with more and more science bloggers avoiding topics in evolution?

I, for one, am blogging less these days, or months, but I have excuses. What about the rest of you? Are you also inundated with teaching, applications, deadlines...? Emotional upheaval? If so, I get it. Otherwise, you can submit right here.

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  1. It was a slow month for me, temporarily due to some other projects. I'll have at least one submission each month in general.

    I don't think it's time to worry/panic too much. If the carnival stays above about 15 posts per edition, and if there are people willing to host, then it's viable in my opinion. When/if we see insufficient interest in hosting, then it might be time to downsize.

    Hang in there. It's good work.


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