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Say hello to Field of Science

If you follow Pleiotropy via RSS, then you may not have noticed that the blog has moved. By invitation I've joined the science blog network Field of Science, and am indeed very pleased with the move. The URL has changed, but no worries - the old URL redirects here. Otherwise it's business as usual.

Check out the other blogs in the network. Lots of good blogs there, several of which I already subscribe to myself, and several who are contributors to Carnival of Evolution.

And for the bloggers in this network, you are hereby cordially invited to submit posts about evolution to CoE. Next edition is going up on Sandwalk in just ten days.


  1. Hello Pleiotropy! It's funny, only a week or two ago it crossed my mind that yours would be a good blog for FoS. Little did I realise that Edward had thought the same. And lo! Now you are here.

  2. Hi Tom.

    Could have sworn you had something to do with it...


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