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Evolution is wrong, unproven and a blasphemy

Here's an imam in London who spoke out saying that evolution is not incompatible with the Koran, and then retracted his views because of threats against his life.
Recently you retracted your views because of the outrage they caused. Could you explain?

My retraction was saying that I misjudged how to go about explaining these things. Sooner or later someone will have to address the issue of evolution - it's a no-go area, especially with the clerics - but I'm abandoning my attempt to reconcile it with the Koran until things settle down. I am not willing to risk my life over this issue.
Good for him, I suppose. I would have made the same choice. It's just that it's a freakin' England! Why is there even the need?
How common is the creationist position among Muslims?

It is the default position. Most of us are taught that evolution is wrong, unproven and a blasphemy. A lot of people enjoy science programmes on TV such as those by David Attenborough, but they tend to say he's an unbeliever so we can't trust him.
Couple that with fanatical righteousness and a penchant for violence, and this is the result.

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