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No more blogging for me

Yep, that's right. As of today I am giving up blogging.

I could tell you that doing a postdoc is both far more interesting than blogging and far more time consuming than merely working towards getting a PhD. But that would be lying. Those are both true, but that still isn't enough reason to quit blogging.

Rather than wasting a lot of time explaining the real reasons (something that I believe we humans don't really do very well in the first place, when it comes to explaining our own behavior), here's a list that may or may not include some or all of the factors that today has led me to make this hard choice:
  • Blogging doesn't pay enough (so far I've earned a meager $37.28 through Google's Adsense).
  • People don't comment enough, which makes me think no one cares what I write.
  • I only have 58 followers on Blogger, and a paltry 120 subscriptions on Google Reader.
  • Blogging is hard. It requires that I read about evolution and other things of interest (which I abhor).
  • No other rewards have come of it (unlike PZ Myers who gets invited to give talks at meeting solely because he blogs).
  • No matter what I write, it seems someone else have or will say it better.
  • People don't stop me in the middle of the street and ask me if I'm not the writer of that cool blog Pleiotropy (they do it at the end of the street).
  • My wroting, hasnt became any better since begon blogging, so whatz teh point reallly!!! :[
And there you have it. So bye. Go find your daily fix somewhere else.

I'm done.


P.S. And that Carnival of Evolution can suck it, too!

Update: April 1st:
One click today and Adsense pays me two dollars!


  1. You earn $37 from adsense in only 3 years? Heah, you're doin pretty well (not as well as Sergei is doing out of you). Anyway, I will click a few more links, if it helps.

  2. Jeeeesus, Tom! One click today and my April earnings are at $2.01. No more kidding! I swear. In fact, I'll take a screenshot and upload, so see above....


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