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Citron pudding for Darwin's birthday

It was Charles Darwin's birthday yesterday, and at MSU we of course had a big party to celebrate the day. Unfortunately, two days ago I had two wisdom teeth removed, and I was in a lot of pain yesterday, despite a decent acetaminophen/codeine cocktail, so I couldn't go. Besides, I'm also on penicillin, and not being able to drink alcohol at a party is like partying without alcohol to me.

But, Rob Pennock did introduce me to the idea of looking up Emma Darwin's recipes at The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online. So yesterday I made the Citron Pudding:

I didn't have cream, so I used yoghurt. And cane sugar instead of sifted sugar. I used both lemon juice and lemon skin. Here's how it turned out:

I baked it at 375 Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes, and the result was superb. Thank you Emma, and congratz to Charles.


  1. Oh-- ow! Hope your mouth is feeling better! What a smart idea--the pudding looks *great*! Hmmm, I love citron, too...

  2. Yes, I forgot to mention I can't eat solid foods, so pudding is perfect.

    Also, I was surprised that the word 'citron' used to be in used in English. In Danish we only say 'citron' for lemon, but apparently it's not used in English anymore.

  3. Yeah--I don't think it is. I use "citron" to refer to Yuzu, actually (which would also make a yummy pudding...)

    How long 'til you can eat solids again? Two teeth on one side, or both tops, or both bottoms? Did they put all the way out for it, or just use a local anesthetic? (mine are all impacted, but one is just barely poking through... what to do, what to do...)

  4. Upper and lower on the left. I have eaten a few solids yesterday, but still mostly soup and yogurt. I wanted only local anesthetics (wouldn't want to miss out on that experience - it was quite interesting to hear the nerves cracking and feel the pulling with forceps. Drilling was unpleasant (he had to cut the roots). It wasn't at all painful, but the day after was an ordeal, despite the drugs that I took plenty of.

    One advice is to get this done at an earlier age, since it gets harder when the bone gets harder.


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