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Tenacious DNA

Just a quick promotion of this great little movie about our (life's) truly tenacious ability to survive (so far).

There'll be errors, but such is life. Errors are at the core or who we are, and why we are still here. Embrace, all.


  1. Oh. My. Stars. I was on the *edge* of my seat watching that! With my 8-year-old (who is home today with a fever), who asked *lots* of questions. Did you watch this with your boys? This is going straight to Favorites to watch with my other two when they get home! Thanks!

    Teddy (しょうし) wants to say:


  2. Not yet, but I will try to let them watch later. I think the younger (4) might like it, but won't understand anything, and the older (7) may get a little impatient. We'll see.

  3. Today, we watched this again--this time all three of my kids watched it. *Love!* My 10-year-old especially was just entranced, as well as my 8 1/2 year-old. My 7-year-old daughter...said she didn't quite get it, but liked the dinosaurs. So you're right--maybe wait a bit to watch it with your boys:-))

    Would you mind if I post this too, with a shout-out to you? People with kids *really* need to watch this!

  4. Thanks!! Will do! (With appropriate linking:-))


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