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Incredible creatures that defy evolution II - memorable quotes

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I was kindly sent a package full of creationist promotional material. I already watched and then dealt with the first of the films, Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I. Now I've watched the second in the series, and I really don't feel like writing a long take-down of Dr. Jobe Martin's pathetic (in terms of pathos, i.e., emotional) arguments against evolution and for Christianity. Instead, here are the most memorable quotes from it.
Evolution teaches that whales are really a land mammal that decided to go back into the ocean. God made whales so that when they breathe through their blowhole, they do no have any connection to their mouth. Now, we have a connection, mammals have connection between the nose and the mouth. You can get a nose full of water, it can come down in you mouth. You can get stuff in your mouth. Little kids, it's always coming out of the nose. With a whale, how are they gonna eat? They're gonna open they mouth, and sometimes under large amounts of pressure, fill up they mouth to eat, so their mouth and their nose aren't hooked up. How do you have a slowly evolving something into something else, where you can't have a partially unhooked up system. It's either totally unhooked up, so that you can't drown, or it's not. And, so I don't see any evidence that land mammals have migrated into the ocean, and become whales, and porpoises, and dolphins, and all those kinds of things. I don't think we have any evidence for that.
It boils down to this. Whales are amazing (we all agree). Dr. Martin can't understand how they could have evolved. Also, he willfully ignores the evidence that exists that whales evolved from land mammals. So he can see no evidence that whales evolved. Rather, God made them.

Other great one-liners:

"Only God could do that, because the evolutionary explanation doesn't fit."

"No way that evolution has the answer for those kinds of things."

"That's a miracle. I don't know how else to explain that. I think our lord is amazing."

"Where would that come from? I mean, how would that ability evolve? How many billions of years would it take for a hippopotamus to get those glands just right?"

"In any event, these are just some more things that God has done. There so much that we can learn, so much more that we can learn about these things that God has made."

"Our God, he's amazing. The things that he has thought up... He started with nothing. We have all these things to work with. He started with absolutely nothing, and though up all these things up, and they work. I mean, that takes incredible genius, and wisdom, and power. And that's our God, the God of the Bible."

"The fat in the bear breaks down. Each gram of fat gives off a gram and a half of water." ---- Now that's magic. That I cannot explain.

"But if you try to grab them [earthworms], they can go in reverse! So, they can not only crawl forward, they can go in reverse, and pull back into their hole! That's marvelous!"

"As we look at these things, it should make us think 'you know, I see design here. I see some sort of of creation here. I see something that looks like it's been made. It doesn't look like it's just a mindless, random chance process that has produced this thing'."

I know not everyone will feel as queasy and giggly at the same time as I do reading these quotes, but that's the test. If you think he is making sense, then probably no sense will ever do it for you. I presume you are the intended target of these videos.


  1. He was probably commenting the following scenes:

    Baby birds being eaten by a predator snake

    A Gorilla mother leaving her child behind which was killed by the alpha male

    a baby dolphin being attacked by sharks

    wasn't he?

    Cheers Arend

  2. You know, for some odd reason he only deals with animals and characters that fit his idea that life is wisely designed. He leaves out predation, as you mention, but also all the flaws of design, such the the pharyngual nerve (why the heck does our left recurrent pharyngeal nerve go all the way down to the heart and comes back only to innervate the larynx?), or the fact that we get diseases, or that there is junk DNA, or that the human eye has a blind spot (while the octopus doesn't), why our mouthes are too small for all our teeth, etc. etc.

  3. I'm so glad I read about these videos here. They are the best thing that I have ever used an inter-library loan system for.

  4. You used the inter-library loan system to borrow the videos, then? Or did you use it to find my post on the videos?


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