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Walsh and Lynch's new book online

I just received a nice email via Brian Golding's evoldir from Bruce Walsh (University of Arizona) and Michael Lynch (Indiana University):
We are (slowly) finishing the companion volume to our 1997 "Genetics and Analysis of Quantitative Traits" textbook, namely volume 2, "Selection and Evolution of Quantitative Traits".

Drafts of 24 out of the planned 47 chapters, and drafts of all five Appendices are now posted at:

Given that roughly 900 (typeset) pages have been posted, it is recommended that the table of contents pdf be downloaded first to get an overview and see where material of interest to you might be posted.

New drafts will be posted as they come online, roughly one-two/month.

Please feel free to use this material in courses, etc. We only request feedback for errors, missing topics, etc.
Thanks! A whole (okay, half) book on quantitative evolution. Yummy! Where to begin?

V. Short-Term Response On A Single Character: Beyond Individual Selection
17. Family-Based Selection, or

VIII. Selection On Multiple Characters
30. Multivariate Response: Changes In Means



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